RN Valves & Faucets : About Us

Core Values

RN Valves & Faucets may be driven by the passion and excellence of its employees towards their work, but as a company, we have certain core values that we strictly adhere to at all times! Whether it is business, people, or leadership, there are core values that we respect for each of them and follow sincerely.

Business Excellence

At RN Valves & Faucets, we have already set our goals for future and, we, individually and collectively, are committed to achieving them. We have also sharpened our focus on several business objectives and want to take them head-on, notwithstanding obstacles that may come and go. Each one of our stakeholders is keen to take ownership of our actions and decisions.

We believe in innovating and seeking improvement in all things we set to do. From ensuring cost efficiencies and driving time, we are proud to set benchmarks in all our processes. For customers, we are always striving to delight them with our products and services. We will do everything we can to provide value to our customers.

People Excellence

Teamwork is what we believe in. That’s why we encourage our people to perform and surpass all expectations. We nurture teams for higher performance. For this, we listen to individual’s opinions and that their perspectives are respected. We also acknowledge and reward our teams whenever they achieve goals that are set for them.

It is our culture to respect each other’s openness and trust. We encourage cross-functional teams for enhancing innovative practices and business growth. As a company of repute, we seek to learn continuously to ensure there is sustained advantage. We also believe in sharing knowledge across our organization to remain relevant and competitive. We also look forward to learning from our experiences and mistakes.

Leadership Excellence

As a company, we believe in informed risk-taking and fostering creativity. We also seek innovation in all our processes and help create value for products we produce and market. Also, for the changing market dynamics, we are forever willing to remain flexible, adaptable, and responsive. We believe in adapting quickly and embracing changes as and when they happen. We also respond at a fast pace to grab opportunities that come our way.